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To meet the increasing popularity of aluminum containers, Union Street Tin Co. has launched a massive expansion of its aluminum manufacturinng. In addition to its previous line of screw-top aluminum containers, Union Street has added scores of bottles and jars, expanded custom capabilities, advanced printing and anodizing techniques, and countless pumps, caps, sprays, and other closures.

"The demand for aluminum packaging is only growing," explains Union Street president, Keith Armato. "Our stock aluminum screw tops continue to be extremely popular, and we've added dozens of shapes and sizes, but we're very excited about the interest we're seeing in bottles for beverages, household products, and personal care products. We've worked very hard to develop this line, and the range of sizes, shapes, and printing options we can now provide is enormous."

Union Street's aluminum expansion is being driven by an explosion of interest in aluminum containers. They are lightweight, attractive, non-reactive, recyclable, they cost less to ship, and less fuel is consumed in transit. This combination of style and ecological benefits is inspiring many to switch to aluminum packaging, and Union Street is working to meet every need. "Aluminum is becoming a popular substitute, not just for tinplate, but for glass as well. Aluminum bottles can be shaped like beer and soda bottles, custom printed, and the impact their light weight has on shipping costs is enormous."

To further support this expansion, Union Street is adding warehouse space in the U.S. and Europe to ease availability and speed delivery of its growing stock line of aluminum containers. "Our custom capabilities have been taken to a new level, but for many customers, the ability to select stock sizes and count on extremely quick delivery is invaluable, and this is a need we want to support both with our expanded catalog and increased warehousing. The interest in aluminum containers is exploding, and the things we can now do with aluminum are really exciting."

The latest addition to Union Street Tin Co.'s stock collection is a brand new line of aluminum screw-top tins. Available in fourteen sizes ranging from half an ounce to eight and a half ounces, these light, attractive tins feature two-piece construction, premium aluminum material and covers with inner seals and knurling for an easy grip.

"We're extremely excited to be able to offer this new line of stock tins," explains Union Street president, Keith Armato. "The inner seals and non-reactive nature of aluminum make these tins ideal for use with cosmetics, personal care items and other bathroom products. There's clearly a lot of interest in this type of tin, and we're pleased to bring it to the marketplace."

The aluminum screw-top tins are available now and, like all of Union Street's stock tins, are available in large or small quantities for immediate shipment from our domestic warehouse. Contact us today for a complete list of available sizes.

Union Street Tin Co. is proud to announce that we've added Hexachrome printing to our growing list of technical capabilities.

Hexachrome is a specialized six-color printing process developed by Pantone that adds orange and green inks to enhanced versions of the traditional cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The additional orange and green prints result in an image that is sharper, more vibrant and approaching photorealistic, allowing for the reproduction of twice as many colors as traditional CMYK.

"The difference really is stunning," explains Union Street President, Keith Armato. "Colors pop in a way you don't see with four color process and designers love that they don't feel like they're making compromises in going to metal lithography."

Further, Union Street Tin's Hexachrome printing is done on a six-color UV press that stores the press adjustments for each project to memory, ensuring perfect consistency from run to run.

"There are still many situations where four-color process and other more traditional printing methods are the way to go," explains Armato, "but this is extremely exciting technology, it produces incredible results, and we're thrilled to be able to offer it to our customers."